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We are currently seeking advertisers for the Amish Road Show. The main thrust of is to provide accurate information to our guests about attractions, retailers, events, and services around Lancaster County. What we are looking for are local businesses that offer products/services that are aligned with the interests of our Guests. This is an opportunity for you to reach a very targeted demographic. Our beautiful, fully developed profiles allow our guests to connect with your business, and discover everything that Lancaster County has to offer.

What you get:

  • A beautiful, in depth company profile which leads viewers to your official company website and other social profiles, as well as your physical business location
  • Placement in front of your targeted demographic
  • Link building to help raise your authority value in search engines
  • Extra social sharing on various Amish Road Show social profiles
  • The Advertiser’s newsletter
  • Blog posts and updates specifically for advertisers
  • Discounted production fees to appear on the Amish Road Show

Some things to consider:

You should keep in mind that viewers of the Amish Road Show are mostly individuals planning trips to visit Lancaster County.  By relying on conventional methods of advertising you are banking on the potential that people will see your advertisment once they are already here. This largely eliminates day trippers, or detailed planners who have already made an itinerary. Some people may pickup a brochure to take home for future planning, but then they have to save them, review them, pick one out of many, and then contact you. Even under those circumstances your potential guest is looking at old pictures and a small amount of text to describe your living and breathing business.

When you advertise with you can rest assured that your advertising dollars are well spent. Where is there a larger pool of potential visitors than the internet? You can buy a television commercial in a nearby metropolitan area, or you can upload a commercial to YouTube and you’re instantly global. Visitors from distant states or foreign countries are likely to turn to the internet when they want travel information. This even includes local residents just looking for something to do. The internet is a giant billboard, and there is plenty of space available.

We will also act as a medium between advertisers and the guests. Due to the highly curated nature of our business listings, you will know that our guests are receiving accurate information that links directly back to your brand. In a day and age when a phone number and address simply aren’t enough, you will be able to link any and all of your social network profiles so that the guests can interact with you on the platform where they are most comfortable. This will allow you more control over your message and branding, while providing the guests with a more comfortable user experience. Ultimately allowing the guests to connect with your business as well as other guests to share their individual experiences, comments, questions, and concerns.

Due to the fact that this is a highly targeted audience, we would recommend viewing your commitment to being an advertiser as an investment. As early adopters you will be the first to reach our audience, and that will be a wise investment indeed. As we grow together you will be able to build lasting relationships with our community, and we will certainly not forget the businesses and individuals that made all of this possible.

The most important focus for is our users. We want our users to have the best possible experience while visiting Lancaster County. Happy visitors not only come back … they tell their friends. We are looking to build a community, and we would like for you to be a part of that community.

If you are interested in broadening your reach online via advertising on, view a live profile here, or simply click “Register Now!” to get started.



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* and Dochter Digital Media reserve the right to refuse any “Amish Road Show Phonebook” listing. If you are related to the travel and tourism industry, do business within Lancaster and the surrounding areas, and produce media content and/or products not deemed inappropriate, it is our desire to help your business grow. Very rarely, if ever, will a business be subjected to extra scrutiny. This is merely one more way that Amish Road Show and Dochter Digital Media ensure quality for our users. In the event your business is reject, you will be notified in writing and promptly refunded any monies paid towards advertising time that remains UNUSED.