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Flower Garden at Ressler Family Home

Ressler Family Home fisheye

Flower Garden at Ressler Family Home I wanted to quickly share with you the flower gardens at The Ressler Family Home. This is one of my test beds for photos. It’s located at the corner of Newport Road and Stumptown Road just south of Leola. The home is a millers home that housed the Ressler […]

Lititz Photowalk

Lititz Photowalk

It’s photowalk time again Join us for our Lititz Photowalk Saturday, August 9th, at 10am. We love photowalks. They always seem to be such a great time meeting new people and getting out to shoot together. We welcome you to join us, and don’t worry about skill level. These events are open to everyone and […]

Super moon light

The Reading Pagoda and Super Moon

Super¬†Moon Light Today’s pic used what I’m just gonna call Super Moon Light. As many of you probably heard, this weekend we had a Super Moon. A Super Moon (known in the astrological community as a perigee-syzygy) occurs when a full or new moon is within 90% of it’s closest elliptical orbit of the earth. […]

Still time to Fling

A girl and her Pirate

There’s still time to Fling It’s that time of year again! The Celtic Fling has been rockin since the Friday night concert, and there’s still time to Fling!! Today is the last day, checkout the link after the gallery to get yourself so tickets and get there before you miss it. We love going to […]