Bird in Hand Farmer’s Market

     Hey there travelers! Vee bish du (How are you)? I would like to officially welcome you to the Amish Road Show. My name is Seth Dochter and I am the founder and host of the Amish Road Show. This is the first episode and we’re really excited to bring the beauty of Lancaster County to you.

     Today we’re headed to the Bird in Hand Farmer’s Market. The Bird in Hand Farmer’s Market is located along Rt. 340 in Bird in Hand, PA. The market is surrounded by a handful of small shops, the Bird in Hand Inn, and is just a stones throw from our lovely green pastures. This is a stop where you could spend some time browsing crafts, eating, and getting soveiners from your friends and family.

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     Inside the market you’ll find everything from quilts, t-shirts, postcards, and most importantly … FOOD! All the other stuff is nice, but food is the draw at this market. There is a lunch counter, butchers with the freshest meat, fresh produce, candy, preserves and more. In this video I got myself a pretzel dog (hotdog wraped in a pretzel) and a fresh squeezed lemonade. In the video you’ll actually see them squeezing the lemons into the cup. I also got myself a little desert … a woopie pie of course. I for one don’t really care about the Maine vs. Pennsylvania woopie pie debate. All I know is they are a classic dessert around Lancaster County. There is alot to see at the market. See for yourself …

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