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Discover the Country Housewares Store with the Amish Road Show


We want to take you along as we discover the Country Housewares Store, deep in the heart of Amish Country.   Hello everyone. We are back on the road today and we would like to show you the Country Housewares Store. This is another great Amish owned and operated store, with a lot to see. […]

Mudsales in 2012

Gordonville Mudsale

  Where are all the mud sales?   Well they’re in Lancaster County, PA of course! I would imagine you probably wanted something a little more specific. Here is a list of upcoming mudsales from this weekend and throughout the summer. Not all of the mudsales will be listed immediately. Check back often to see […]

Labadie Looms of Lancaster County

Labadie Looms Card

Wie bist du (How are you)? Welcome to the Amish Road Show. Today we’re headed to Labadie Looms of Lancaster County to meet the owner, Donna Beaver. Labadie Looms is the home for Lancaster County yarns and wools.  Donna is going to show you around her shop and let you know what Labadie Looms has to […]